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Кожхотрубный M и SM предназначены для конденсации газообразного хладагента в системах кондиционирования воздуха и холодильных установках с использованием морской воды в качестве среды. Модели C и L предназначены для процессов конденсации хладагента в кондиционерах и холодильных установках, а также в системах рекуперации тепла.

Minoxidil topical solution is used to stimulate hair growth in people who are balding. Within the first few weeks, as Minoxidil begins working, you may experience more hair loss than usual. Before that, minoxidil had been used as vasodilator drug prescribed as oral tablet to treat high blood pressure, with side effects that included hair growth and reversal of male baldness. For some people, it may take at least 4 months for results to be seen. The propylene glycol ensures that the applied minoxidil is evenly spread across the affected area and easily absorbed through the skin.

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